Frequently Asked Questions

What are the system requirements for KeywordXtreme?

KeywordXtreme needs Windows Vista or later and Internet Explorer 9 or higher to run.

Does it work on a MAC?

No. Pc only at this time but, cross platform version is on the to do list.

Where can I download KeywordXtreme?

Just download the setup.exe and run it. It will download and install all the files and prequisites.

Do you provide free upgrades?

Yes. When KeywordXtreme first released (v1) it hadn't got this many features and was $17. Even our initial customers who purchaes Kx v1, still get the new releases and upgrades for free. No matter how much Kx costs now.

On how many computers can I install KeywordXtreme?

One. You can however transfer your license to another PC. (You can only do this 3 times.)

Which languages does KeywordXtreme supports?

KeywordXtreme supports over 70 countries & languages. Download the trial to check if a specific country/language is supported.

Where does it pull it's data from?

[Google, Bing, Yahoo!, Ask, AOL, Amazon, eBay, Google Shooping, Nextag, YouTube, Yahoo! Video, Google Images, Google Play]-[AutoComplete Databases]
Google Adwords Keyword Tool(Search Volumes, CPC etc.), Google Main Website (For Related Keywords and Competition Data), KwMap, Google Trends, Amazon Main Website, eBay Main Website, etc.

I get an error message or have an idea/suggestion, who do I contact?

You can visit our support desk :

My question isn't listed here :(

Please submit a ticket here : We will be in touch in 24 hours.